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Lash Glue
Her Imports
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You don’t want to go to a party and halfway through one of your eyelashes is nowhere to be found and the remaining one looks like it’s not supposed to be there all because the glue couldn’t hold your party mood and dance moves. No one does. Invest in a quality eyelash glue. Her Imports is proud to present the first and only patented Life-Proof adhesive for the application of temporary eyelashes. Lashé™ lash glue is water-proof, sweat-proof & pillow-proof and lasts 2-3 days or until you are ready to remove the lashes. It leaves no residue and causes no irritation. How to apply: Apply a layer of Lashé to the edge of your temporary eyelashes. Wait 20 seconds for the glue to semi-dry and become sticky. Position temporary lash on top of your natural lash. Product will be fully dried and secure in approximately 15 minutes. (so don’t jump around before that!) NB: All Cling products are 100% non-toxic and COMPLETELY safe. NB:  ALL ITEMS ARE PREPARED WITHOUT ANY HUMAN CONTACT. ALL HANDLERS HAVE WORN PROTECTIVE GEAR AND MASKS WHEN PACKAGING. ALL PRODUCTS ARE DISINFECTED DURING SHIPPING.
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Lash Glue
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