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Brazilian Body Wave Illusion Frontal
Her Imports
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These Brazilian body wave Illusion lace frontals combine the HIGHEST QUALITY Remy human hair with a proprietary patented Moroccan lace. 🔥 This lace runs along your entire hair line around your head and is virtually UNDETECTABLE when fitted. It can be further customized to your personal specifications like a perfectly tailored suit made to fit you perfectly. 😍 It is also available in Peruvian Body Wave virgin hair, and is an excellent complement to either our Peruvian Body Wave or Brazilian Body Wave hair lines. Being Remy virgin human hair, there's MINIMAL MATTING and tangling making it EASY TO MAINTAIN. Sleep under a mulberry silk bonnet to reduce tangling and frizz. 💯 The healthy virgin hair of these Brazilian body wave hair bundles is endowed with ULTRA-THICK CUTICLES rendering the hair almost immune to breakage and split ends. 💪 The DURABLE body wave lace is virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE and blends in perfectly with the scalp offering a long-lasting, durable REALISTIC install. 😎 These body wave illusion lace frontals are customizable to match your preferences. Select your preferred density and length to match your beauty. 👌 NB:  ALL ITEMS ARE PREPARED WITHOUT ANY HUMAN CONTACT. ALL HANDLERS HAVE WORN PROTECTIVE GEAR AND MASKS WHEN PACKAGING. ALL PRODUCTS ARE DISINFECTED DURING SHIPPING.
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