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360 Illusion Frontal Bleached
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Be Bold. Be Exquisite. Be sexy šŸ”„ with this 360 bleached illusion frontal that combines the highest quality Remy human hair with a proprietary patented Moroccan lace. This lace runs along your entire hairline around your head and is virtuallyĀ UNDETECTABLEĀ when fitted. This illusion laceĀ frontal wig has been professionally bleached by experts, conditioning the virgin hair throughout the process to retain itsĀ GLORIOUSĀ LUSTER. šŸ˜ With ultra-thick cuticles, you can be certain that this human hairĀ wig will harbor no split ends and isĀ IMMUNEĀ to shedding. šŸ˜ƒ Being Brazilian virginĀ hair, there's reduced matting and tangling makes itĀ EASY TO MAINTAIN. šŸ‘Œ Endowed with ultra-thick cuticles rendering this virgin hair laceĀ wig almost immune to breakage and split ends. šŸ’Ŗ The virtually indestructible lace blends in perfectly with the scalp offering a long-lasting, durableĀ REALISTIC install with a natural hairline. šŸ’„ The hair knots on this straight illusion frontal have been bleached to give the illusion of a NATURAL hairline. šŸ˜Ž NB:Ā  ALL ITEMS ARE PREPARED WITHOUT ANY HUMAN CONTACT. ALL HANDLERS HAVE WORN PROTECTIVE GEAR AND MASKS WHEN PACKAGING. ALL PRODUCTS ARE DISINFECTED DURING SHIPPING.
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360 Illusion Frontal Bleached
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