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Warning about Online Scam

This is a warning to avoid doing business on the Website HERIMPORTS.COM also known as Moda Nueva.

herimports.com is not run by Her Imports nor is it affiliated with Her Imports in any way.

The only way to purchase products from Her Imports in the USA is through herimportsUSA.com.

We will not honor any returns of products purchase from Moda Nueva.

Purchase products on the herimports.COM Website at your own risk.

Please be advised that the Website at herimports.com is not being run by the company, Her Imports.

Our only ecommerce Website is herimportsUSA.com, the site you are currently visiting.

Unfortunately, through a series of events beyond our control we have temporarily lost control of the URL herimports.com as well as the Her Imports Instagram account.

Both online sites are currently under the control of Mr. Johnathan Terry who also goes by several aliases including Patrick Terry and John Terry.

This company, Her Imports, is currently suing Mr. Terry for fraud and failure to pay money owed to the company.

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This in not the first time Mr. Terry has been subject to legal actions as a result of his unlawful business practices.

Please see the attached lawsuit against Mr. Terry for Credit Card Fraud as well as duping innocent people into joining him in his illegal activities.

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Mr. Terry lost this suit resulting in a judgement against him of $346,667.80, which was never paid. 

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Finally, if you are interested in learning about who you are dealing with when you purchase products from the herimports.com please read click on the link below:


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