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Studio Brazilian Body Wave Frontal
Her Imports
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Losing your hairline due to illnesses or medications can be frustrating especially when there’s no remedy to grow the hair back as soon as possible. That’s why this 13X5” studio body wave frontal is a perfect fit for such situations or just when you want to add extra density to your hair. When well installed, this frontal will last long enough with two installs. Made from Remy human hair meticulously sorted and cleaned, it offers a luxuriously low maintenance install with reduced matting and tangling. Although not as perfect as our premium frontals, this frontal will blend in perfectly with most hair types.  It can be styled into different styles, parted into different directions, and washing it with a paraben-free shampoo will return it to its original wave pattern. Prolong your install by using co-wash conditioner and a nightly use of the mulberry silk bonnet. NB:  ALL ITEMS ARE PREPARED WITHOUT ANY HUMAN CONTACT. ALL HANDLERS HAVE WORN PROTECTIVE GEAR AND MASKS WHEN PACKAGING. ALL PRODUCTS ARE DISINFECTED DURING SHIPPING.
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