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Every SOPHISTICATED lady that slays lace front wigs will tell you that one of their greatest fears is getting embarrassed in public by their hair. Our hair is our CROWN. 💎 And that’s why when you wear SUMPTUOUS lace wigs, you must match them up with the best FRONTAL WIG ADHESIVE for that strong, durable hold. Cling Light lace wig glue is exactly what you need. đŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„


  • OSI Works CLING EdgeSafeℱ absolute lace wig adhesive glue is a specialty formulated bonding adhesive intended for lace frontal and lace closure application. 
  • This WATERPROOF adhesive is ODOR-FREE, irritation-free, and will last as long as you need it to.
  • It’s EASILY REMOVABLE and will not corrode your skin, your Swiss lace, or your Remy hair.
  • For best results, use Uncling adhesive remover to remove the glue.

Application Instructions for Frontal:

- Apply 1 thin coating of the wig adhesive to the hair system and wait 20 seconds.

- Apply 4 thin coatings on the skin after the previous one turns clear, so about 20 seconds interval.

- After 4th coating, wait 7 minutes then press your lace frontal  in place.

Application Instructions for Lace wigs:

-Use the same instructions as above but do not apply directly to lace. Apply to the scalp only.

NOTE: Make sure you perform patch test before full application of this super lace wig glue adhesive. 

Removal Instructions:

Please follow these instructions carefully for a safe removal process of this glue for lace front wigs to avoid damaging your hair or skin. Call our customer support if you need assistance.

Use a spray bottle or a wet cloth to soak the glued area with warm water for 3 minutes.

Apply a generous layer of Un-Cling to the entire area that has had Cling adhesive applied. 

Gently rub Un-Cling on the glued surface until the lace slides off without resistance. Don’t force it.


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