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Exclusive Bleached
For the finest quality bleached Remy human hair, this hair bundle is your go-to choice. Why? The meticulous bleaching process allows us to select the naturally lightest hair available first, then using 13% volume bleach to slowly lighten the hair...
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Exclusive My Hair
These exclusive human hair bundles are hand-selected onsite at one of India’s oldest and most devout temples in Tirupathi. The result is an amazingly low-maintenance silky hair extension with medium luster and rich, full body. These human hair exclusive bundles are very...
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Exclusive Peruvian Body Wave
Nothing screams CONFIDENCE more than a woman who knows what she wants. And this Peruvian body wave virgin hair will help express that even better. 🔥 Made from 100% REMY VIRGIN human hair specially handpicked and handcrafted to maximize quality, this Peruvian human...
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Exclusive Tight Curl
It is a no-brainer that tight curls bring out the sassiness in you, and in a good way. And if you want to espouse such majesty, then you should grab these premium tight curl bundles. And what makes them the...
from $195
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