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Exclusive Peruvian Body Wave Bundle Deals
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Add some spice to your beauty by slaying these exquisite Peruvian body wave hair bundles with amazing bundle deals. Made from Remy virgin hair, these human hair weaves will blend in perfectly with all types of natural hair.

To make the deal even sweeter, this human hair is endowed with ultra-thick cuticles that minimize shedding and breakage. This, effectively, means a long-lasting install.

Choose from a variety of colors and hair length to match your beauty. Easily dye this Peruvian hair to spice things up as they absorb color easily and perfectly.

Being Remy virgin Peruvian hair, you can wave goodbye to matting and tangling as the strands are aligned in the original direction they grew in. This makes it easy to maintain.

The meticulous quality assurance process ensures you get high-quality products with no odor or germs.

Explore all frontiers of your beauty as these Virgin Peruvian body wave hair bundles can be styled into any hairstyle without losing their texture and luster.

Ensure you sleep under a mulberry silk bonnet to prolong your install. Use a paraben-free shampoo and co-wash conditioner for an invigorating nutritious wash for your hair.


12" / 14"
$428 on sale $239
12" / 14" / 16"
$679 on sale $380
14" / 16" / 18"
$746 on sale $429
16" / 18" / 20"
$837 on sale $507
18" / 20" / 22"
$945 on sale $584
20" / 22" / 24"
$1,094 on sale $690
22" / 24" / 26"
$1,234 on sale $791
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