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These premium human hair bundles are hand-selected onsite at one of India’s oldest and most devout temples in Tirupathi. The result is an amazingly low-maintenance silky hair extension with medium luster and rich, full body. These human hair premium bundles are very easy to style, take color immediately and will  long enough with proper maintenance. Made from virgin Indian hair, it’s easy to maintain with reduced matting and tangling. Easy to dye, color or style it to your heart’s desires from dark brown balayage, medium brown, natural color, to any color of your choice. Relatively thicker hair cuticles giving it maximum strength against hair breakage.  Glows with a glorious sheen especially after flat iron conditioning. Can be styled into any hairstyle including deep wave, natural wave, loose wave body wave, and washing it will automatically return its original texture. These premium remy human hair extensions will offer a long lifespan especially when well taken care of by regularly washing with a paraben-free shampoo and quality conditioner. NB:  ALL ITEMS ARE PREPARED WITHOUT ANY HUMAN CONTACT. ALL HANDLERS HAVE WORN PROTECTIVE GEAR AND MASKS WHEN PACKAGING. ALL PRODUCTS ARE DISINFECTED DURING SHIPPING.
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