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Lace Bond (New Formula formerly known as CLING) Moisture Resistant Lace Glue - Extra Tight HOLD
For that permanent look that will allow you to explore your life without any worry or fear, this moisture-resistant lace wig glue for your lace front wigs is a perfect accessory. You can swim with your hair, walk in the...
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Specifically engineered to remove Cling™ with ease. Simply apply Un-Cling™ to the glue line and the lace will lift off almost immediately. Once the lace is lifted, apply additional product to remove any Cling residue. All Cling products are 100%...
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Every SOPHISTICATED lady that slays lace front wigs will tell you that one of their greatest fears is getting embarrassed in public by their hair. Our hair is our CROWN. 💎 And that’s why when you wear SUMPTUOUS lace wigs, you must match...
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