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Premium Brazilian Body Wave Bundle Deals
Her Imports
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Grab the crème de la crème of Virgin Brazilian body wave bundles with these amazing hair bundle deals. Created for the hot babes who know what they want, these bundle deals come with unmatched quality. As the month of love approaches, you have no excuse not to flaunt this sexy human hair weaves.
  • Made from virgin human hair, beautifully blending in with your natural hair.
  • With all strands facing the original direction they grew in, you’re guaranteed minimal matting and tangling. This will give you a low-maintenance install.
  • The ultra-thick cuticles ensure minimal shedding and breakage to give you a long-lasting install beyond your expectations.
  • Unlike most unscrupulous dealers, Her Imports has a meticulous quality assurance process that ensures you get high-quality products with no odor or germs.
  • These exquisite Brazilian hair bundle deals can be styled into any hairstyle without losing its original texture. You can straighten, perm, and even add tight curls.
  • With multiple colors to choose from like natural black to different hair lengths, the freedom of authenticity is left in your hands. Spice things up by dying these human virgin hair bundles as they perfectly absorb color without sustaining damage.
  • Ensure you sleep under a mulberry silk bonnet to prolong your install. Use a paraben-free shampoo and co-wash conditioner for an invigorating nutritious wash for your hair.


12" / 14"
$327 on sale $231
12" / 14" / 16"
$521 on sale $372
14" / 16" / 18"
$584 on sale $418
16" / 18" / 20"
$686 on sale $479
18" / 20" / 22"
$798 on sale $560
20" / 22" / 24"
$923 on sale $653
22" / 24" / 26"
$1,030 on sale $740
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