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Premium Bleached
For the finest quality bleached Remy human hair, this hair bundle is your go-to choice. Why? The meticulous bleaching process allows us to select the naturally lightest hair available first, then using 13% volume bleach to slowly lighten the hair...
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Premium Bleached Closures 4x4
This is not your regular “bleached blond” or “platinum” hair. Her Imports bleached Peruvian hair is methodically processed over several days. We start by selecting the naturally lightest hair available (so less lightening is required), we then use a 13%...
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613 Bleached Illusion Frontal
Bleaching your natural hair allows you to EXPLORE new frontiers of your beauty. But at a COST, a cost to the health of your natural hair or your lace fronts. It effectively reduces its luster. 😬That's why we have this BLEACHED illusion...
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360 Illusion Frontal Bleached
Be Bold. Be Exquisite. Be sexy 🔥 with this 360 bleached illusion frontal that combines the highest quality Remy human hair with a proprietary patented Moroccan lace. This lace runs along your entire hairline around your head and is virtually UNDETECTABLE when...
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