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Dry Shampoo / Instant Hair Beautifier
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The sun can be unapologetic sometimes. While there are other daunting ways you can rejuvenate your look after a scorching sun this 4TH OF JULY đŸ”„, using a dry shampoo such as this one will WORK MAGIC within minutes for all hair types including blonde hair.

Here's that Little Amazing Secret Stylists Don't Want You To know.

This secret weapon, WATER-FREE volumizing dry shampoo combined with PURE MAGIC will transform your frizzy, sweaty, oily hair into a banquet of exquisite healthy hair, all with a QUICK SPRAY. It actually cleans all of the unwanted dirt, removes oil, sweat and odor for a perfect hair day.

NO WHITE RESIDUE unlike other powder shampoos. It will actually keep your hair clean all day.

So when you go out on those sunny, sweaty trips in the busty roads, don’t forget to include this little day dry shampoo as an occupant of your handbag. It will come in handy.

How to use:

Spray this dry shampoo on the underside of your oily hair near the greasy roots and finger-comb through from top to bottom and you'll have clean hair in seconds. Works perfect for all hair types and color including dark hair.

It will look, feel and smell like it’s been to a salon for a complete makeover almost instantly.


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Dry Shampoo / Instant Hair Beautifier
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