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Specifically engineered to remove Cling™ with ease.

Simply apply Un-Cling™ to the glue line and the lace will lift off almost immediately.

Once the lace is lifted, apply additional product to remove any Cling residue.

All Cling products are 100% non-toxic and COMPLETELY safe on edges.

*** It’s a 2-step process. Carefully follow this process for safe removal of cling without damage to your hair or skin. Don’t rush the process. Call our customer support if you need assistance. ***

Step 1 - Removal of the lace:

Use a spray bottle or wet cloth to soak the glued area with warm water for 3 minutes. Apply a generous layer of Un-Cling to the entire area that has had Cling adhesive applied. Gently rub Un-Cling on the glued surface until the lace slides off with NO RESISTANCE. Do not attempt to remove the lace with any force.

Step 2 - Removal of residue:

After the lace has been removed, apply more warm water and Un-Cling onto any remaining residue on your skin and/or hairline for approximately 5 minutes. Allow Un-Cling to neutralize and lift the Cling application. It is NOT necessary to rub or wipe aggressively. Once Cling has turned to a non-sticky, lotion-like consistency, use a clean wet towel to wipe off the residue.

* Do not pull the lace while it is still secured to your hair or skin. *

* Do not aggressively wipe or pull any residue. 


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