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This OSI works special shampoo is the best hair shampoo out there in the market for both lace front wigs and natural hair.Clean refreshing hair is a recipe for enhanced self-confidence. But at the same time, wrong products can damage the hair and your scalp and leave you devastated. That's why you should observe good scalp care a repair shampoo and conditioner as well as antidandruff shampoos while avoiding chemical-based styling products.

  • Made from the highest grade pure peppermint oil, this oil shampoo will help get rid of odors and leaves your hair extensions refreshingly breathtaking.
  • With added healing Tea Tree Oil to give invigorating fresh, strong hair every time, every day.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin, itchy scalp, frizzy hair, dry hair, oily skin, textured hair, curly hair, colored hair, and all hair types.
  • This antiresidue shampoo works to remove debris build-up in your hair including oils, sweat, dust and much more with the help of tea tree oil leaving your hair clean and clarified.
  • Enhanced with hair nutrients, the hair shampoo will leave a deep clean for an invigorating scalp.


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